Less admin, more installing

SRECTrade streamlines REC account set up and sales, allowing installers to focus on installing and clients to enjoy better returns.

Set up your clients


SRECTrade handles everything from set up to REC sales. Once RECs are created, we make sure that the RECs are sold for the highest prices.


Track where customers are registered, which customers are selling their RECs and see how much money you've made through referral fees.

Referral Fees

Receive a partner referral fee on every management service fee collected by SRECTrade when you become a partner.

Efficient REC administration

  • Easy online application process to guide the state certification process
  • Clients report their solar generation in a centralized SRECTrade account; we accept automatic readings from select monitoring companies
  • An account overview shows accrued RECs and transaction history
  • RECs are automatically sold by our brokerage team or clients can set a limit to manage their REC prices

Set up your clients

Design to Certification Faster

Register assets faster by importing your system designs

Automated Reporting

Connect an approved online monitoring system to automatically report

Get more referrals with optimized client services

Gain access to our management software when you start referring clients to use SRECTrade

Simplify onboarding

Get insight into your clients' application status and ongoing system performance details.

Empower your team

Answer difficult questions about client onboarding, REC production and transactions with confidence.

Be more competitive

Access portfolio data and generate reports to drive better decisions.

SRECTrade portfolio management tool

A better return for your client

  • Spot trades to transact between monthly auctions.
  • Lock in a fixed-price per REC over a specified term, ranging from 1-5 years, subject to market availability.
  • Presell all the RECs produced by your system for a single, lump-sum upfront payment, subject to market availability.
  • To become a partner, please visit our contact us page to reach our market teams and request a partnership.

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We manage over 999MW of clean energy assets, which means we create more leverage to bring better prices and more opportunities.

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